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Cloud platform

CITI Traduzioni's “Cloud” platform ( offers customers a fast, qualified multilingual translation service at the best price.

Our E-commerce solution guarantees:

  • prompt deliveries
  • qualified translations
  • convenient payments by credit card or bank transfer

Any credit card using the VISA, Mastercard networks or prepaid cards are enabled. is the “on-line” translation service that helps you to globalise.

No more frontiers with TRADUZIA !

CITI Traduzioni

CITI Soc. Coop. (Cooperativa Italiana Traduttori e Interpreti).

Established 36 years ago (November 1978) by a team of native-language professionals, CITI Traduzioni has gradually acquired a vast international network of specialised translators.

CITI has always encouraged its members to become involved first hand in the company by stimulating their entrepreneurial skills: this has proved to be a winning strategy.

CITI has always stood out for quality of and, after first acquiring experience in technical and scientific fields, has gradually consolidated and expanded its market.

CITI can now provide translations in over 30 different languages and works with more than 230 freelance translators throughout the world, selected on the basis of their academic qualifications and professional experience.

Quality (“Professional” translations)

Certified since 1999, CITI has upgraded its quality system to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standards, thereby guaranteeing reviewed and professional translations.

Our “professional” translations are provided by native-language professional translators and are consigned in the same format as the original file.

Certification (“Reviewed” translations)

CITI has been certified since 2010 in accordance with European standard UNI EN 15038:2006 concerning translations.

“Reviewed” translations are “professional” translations reviewed by a second, native-language translator (reviewer).


Here are some of the main industries to which our services are addressed:

  • mechanical engineering
  • energy
  • biomedical
  • pharmacological
  • agri-food
  • finance (contracts and legal documents)

We are specialized in:

“Professional translations”

“Professional” translations reviewed by a second, native-language translator (reviewer):

  • Microsoft Office (.docx, .doc, .xlsx, .xls, .pptx, .ppt, .pub)
  • Open Office (.odt)
  • InDesign (.indd, .idml, .inx)
  • QuarkXPress (.qxp)
  • FrameMaker (.mif)
  • PageMaker (.pmd)
  • Autocad (.dwg, .dxf)
  • Pdf
  • Web (.html, .xml, .php, .asp)
  • txt.

“Reviewed” translations

“Professional” translations that are examined by a native-language reviewer, who checks that they conform to the agreed parameters, compares the original text and translation and recommends corrective actions if necessary.


Examination of text layouts prior to publication.

Interpretation and voice-over services

Localisation of software and programming files

iCare strategy

Customer-care is a priority issue: this is why CITI continually plans and implements purpose-made strategies to handle this all-important resource.

CITI clients can upload files of any type (PC or Mac), format or size to our Cloud Servers and create an up to date archive of all their texts (files sent and files translated) divided as to calendar year and month.

Information technologies

CITI uses information technologies in the Windows and Macintosh environments.

Our Cloud solutions include:

  • Administration and document management servers
  • Servers with computer-assisted translation applications (CAT Tools): Across, SDL Trados, SDL Passolo, XTM Cloud, Transit, Catalyst
  • Translation Memory and glossary administration servers

With a digital library containing more than 300 monolingual and multilingual dictionaries, CITI keeps a constantly updated bibliography available to translators for consultation.

Welcome, our eCommerce website.

Technical and business translations; literary and advertising/marketing translations; scientific, finance and legal translations; website localisations and translations.

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